Who We Are

 Acting for a Greater Cause is more than just acting; it’s a program that forms life-long friends and relationships.  The program also benefits the community as it provides no to low-cost productions that consists of stage plays created and directed by youth & aspiring artists in our communities.  The youth will use creative writing skills, and are encouraged to write their own stage play.  At the beginning of the program, youth are advised that the best stage play will be chosen and used at the recital.  This motivates the children to remain in the program and stay successfully involved.  Youth will engage in every aspect of preparing for the stage, which includes directing, producing, managing, and acting

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Why Us?


Acting for a Greater Cause program will assess the needs of each child and offer methods to address these issues through individual and group activities.  Classes will incorporate anger management, time management, educational awareness, community involvement, self-esteem, self-worth, personal and public relations, coping skills, and other topics associated with helping youth become successful.