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Meet Destiny Squad Radio Show!

The youth have been training in so many areas of acting and has done a great job 2018 with landing jobs.  This year we are focusing on becoming that TRIPLE THREAT in the industry.  Working as minorities in the industry can be frustrating and overwhelming.  However, Jeanette Greenwood has done extensive research and realized that competing on the level they need to compete they must become that triple threat. Communication is key in selling yourself in any industry and to be able to communicate on a professional level is rewarding.  Creating the Radio show gives the youth an opportunity to experience Radio at it's finest... "INTERNET".  The youth are responsible for fully researching their segments and delivering the information to their viewers or listeners.  Please tune in to www.fbrn.us every Wednesday at 6pm.  Click on the Green Room...

Click link below to listen to past shows!


(5/1/19 "B" SQUAD")