The 2017 Children’s Mental Health Awareness Creative Arts Contest brought in a record number of entries—a total of 187!

Our youth will be attending the festivities to celebrate our place and all the winners of the contest!  We want our youth to experience the importance of supporting those like us and encourage them to continue to work for the greater good of our communities.  Your donation will help with

  • Food
  • Transportation
  • Gas
  • Special T-shirts for the Cast

Thanks in advance for supporting us!  We are so excited!

Our PSA  "Production" Team

Thanks to our Production Team for helping with putting this together

Freddie Watkins

Director of Production
Freddie worked very quickly and hard for the youth. We shot this in 1 day and he edited it the same night to meet deadline! Thanks Freddie!

Jeanette Greenwood

Jeanette was pressed for time and had to write a script in 24 hours.  She did that by creating a storyboard and her highly trained youth, brought the story to life!  Great job directing and writing Jeanette!

Reyna Cuellar

Director of Photography
Reyna worked hard with Freddie getting still shots and photos of the Shoot.  She also worked to shoot headshots for all the youth for personal portfolios.  Thanks Reyna...hope you come to Austin!

Youth will experience the most exciting time of their lives!  Young actors will meet up at Camp Lebanon for a fun filled weekend of acting with a hint of life-skills.

Headline Mentors & Performing Arts will host its' first annual "Kids Acting Camp"

We have an awesome group of Directors, photographers, cinemetographers, producers and Actors coming out to support the Kids Acting Camp!

Friday- May 19th- Youth Meet & Greet Party (Hay Ride) Check in 
Saturday- May 20th- Workshops teaching Improv, Basics of Acting and we are shooting a "SCARY MOVIE" written by Jeanette Greenwood (May not be so scary...she is afraid of Scary movies..I can see this be more of a Comedy slash Scary)
Sunday May 21st- Awards  Ceremony (Checkout)

This will be a Co-Ed dorm with bunk beds.  Boys & Girls will sleep in separate quarters with Chaperones.  All Chaperones have been background checked by Department of Family & Protective Services.

 We Provide the Platform for Actors of all ages!  Help us...Help THEM!  
Performing Arts & Our Community Program Need FUNDING and Your Support!

Summer Classes Registration is open now!

We have classes for Day & evening classes.  Join now!  Call 817-923-1741 for more info

Check out the Movie "ALONE" . Anti-bullying Movie.

Our Locations

Diamond Hill Recreation Ctr._(Open to Public- Classes free with Recreation Membership)

1701 N.E. 36th St.

Phone: 817-625-1525

Class Time: Every Tuesday

4:30-6 p.m.

Arlington Classes

1190 W. Pioneer Pkwy

Arlington,TX 76013


Class Time: Every Wednesday

Home School- 11:30 am-12:30 pm

Evening- 6pm-7pm

Northside Community Center

(Open to Public- Classes free with Recreation Membership)

1100 NW 18th St, Fort Worth, TX 76164

Phone: (817) 871-5820

Class Time: Every Thursday

5:00 pm-6:30 pm

Youth Improv Film "The Party"

We need your Support...

Anti-Bullying Annual Ball

2015 "Don't Bully ME!" Stage Play